Highway 9 begins as River Street and continues north through the Henry Cowell Redwoods, Felton, Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek, and continues intoSanta Clara County through the city of Saratoga. It ends at Highway 17 in Los Gatos. It often washes out in the winter, so frequent travelers along this route should have a backup plan.

Highway 9 is known by different names.  In Santa Cruz County it starts as River Street, and in some towns in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it is listed as Main Street.

The addresses are continuous.

1040 River St. Tannery Arts Center
2400 River St. Paradise Park
5497-6560 Felton
8500 , Highland County Park
9430-9600  Ben Lomond
11570 Hwy 9, Brookdale
12547-13233  Boulder Creek






Most businesses are centralized in towns Highway 9 crosses through, though other businesses are scattered along the way. Many of these small businesses are mountain stores selling snacks, drinks, and camping supplies, but other specialize in selling more touristy items like burl treens.



Highway 9

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