Boulder Creek is the stream that marks the northern boundary of the town of Boulder Creek. The stream is about seven miles long and flows southwest into the San Lorenzo River near the town of Boulder Creek. Large rocks (boulders) can still be seen in parts of the stream called Boulder Creek. Boulder Brook is a stream that joins Gold Gulch Creek near the town of Felton. It got that name before Boulder Creek.

Boulder Creek is a town where Bear Creek and Boulder Creek meet the San Lorenzo River. The ZIP code is 95006. The 2000 census shows there are 1,630 households. The town covers about 4 square miles in area.

Mural on the hardware store shows the early history of the town. Left is the railway station. Right is the flume that moved logs to the rail head in Felton.


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The history of the settlement dates back to the opening of a sawmill by Joseph Perry in the 1860's. There was also a later settlement nearby named Lorenzo. This became part of the town of Boulder Creek.


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