Ben Lomond is located on Highway 9 in the San Lorenzo Valley area of the Santa Cruz Mountains, where the San Lorenzo River and Love Creek meet.

The sign in front of the Ben Lomond Fire Station is shuttered when the road ahead is fine. When there is trouble ahead the sign is unlocked to reveal a warning that the road ahead is closed.


Ben Lomond was originally called Pacific Mills from 1877 to 1887. It was named for the lumber company started by James P. Pierce. When Pierce applied to the Federal Government for a Post Office, the federal government was concerned about the name being alike to so many other towns. It was decided to re-name the town for the mountain it is on, Ben Lomond.

Ben is Celtic for Mountain. (Lomond is Celtic for beacon.) The mountain Ben Lomond in Santa Cruz County is named for the mountain in Scotland, northwest of Glasgow. To distinguish the town "Ben Lomond" from the mountain "Ben Lomond" The USGS maps and other maps have often used "Ben Lomond Mountain" for the mountain and "Ben Lomond" for the town.

In 1917 the movie A Romance of the Redwoods with Mary Pickford was filmed in Ben Lomond.


Ben Lomond is just less than 1 square mile in area and has 873 homes (according to the 2000 census). Ben Lomond is located in the 11th California Senate District, and in the 27th California Assembly District. Federally, Ben Lomond is located in the 14th congressional district of California.

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