Where Summit Road ends in Santa Clara County. It is not reachable from the rest of Summit Road. Looking South toward Mt. Madonna Road. Summit Road is to the right. Left is the entrance to a park. Where Summit Road Starts.Summit Road starts at the junction of Bear Creek Road near the border between Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County. Because of the terrain, the road winds for about 30 miles alternating between Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County.

Some maps have the road changing names a few times. Summit road ends at a county park in Santa Clara County. While some maps show the road being continuous, there is a section that is private, preventing travel between Maymens Flat Rd (~7.6 miles east of Soquel San Jose Road) and Summit Road above Watsonville.

Prior to Highway 17, Summit Road was a major way to travel Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County. Soquel San Jose Road and Old Santa Cruz Highway both connect to Summit Road at different points. (Somewhat ironic; Soquel San Jose Road connects Summit Road to Soquel in Santa Cruz County and Old Santa Cruz Highway connects Summit Road to Santa Clara County.)


There are no bike lanes, the terrain is hilly and the traffic is sparse. Bikers do say that the traffic on Summit Road is courteous. There are two call boxes along the way. Cell phone service is typical of mountain area. Some areas have decent cell phone service and some areas have none.

Public Transportation

Parts of Summit Road are served by Route 79 of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).

Major Intersections

Highway 17 Summit Road crosses over Highway 17, many commuters use Summit Road to get to Highway 17.

Bear Creek Road Traffic isn't bad here, but there have been a few accidents due to icy roads.

Soquel San Jose Road Busy during commuting hours.

Restaurants and Shopping

There is one market on the Santa Clara County side of Summit Road. There are wineries, a Christmas tree farm and even a llama ranch.


Several churches along the road. A veterinary clinic and kennel on the Santa Clara County side of Summit Road. No other services.

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