The West Bike Loop is one of Woodland's officially designated bicycling routes that has continuous bike lanes throughout its length. This 7.5-mile loop will take you most of the way around the perimeter of northwestern, southwestern, northern, and southern Woodland. It is bisected by the Crosstown Bike Connector, which can be used to divide the West Bike Loop into a 4.5-mile Southwest Bike Loop or a 5.6-mile Northwest Bike Loop, or to extend your bike ride out to the East Bike Loop. The sections of the West Bike Loop route are as follows:

  1. From The Bike Garage, head north on 1st Street until Clover Street. Note that the block of 1st Street between Marshall Avenue and Bartlett Avenue is a point of overlap with the Crosstown Bike Connector.
  2. Cross Clover Street and head east on it until 3rd Street.
  3. Head north on 3rd Street; continue onto Palm Avenue until Woodland Avenue (the northwest corner of Beamer Park).
  4. Head west on Woodland Avenue until North Ashley Avenue (passing the south end of the South Cline Alley portion of Wayne Cline Park along the way).
  5. Head south on North Ashley Avenue; continue onto Ashley Avenue until West El Dorado Drive. Along the way, the intersection of Ashley Avenue and West Southwood Drive (the southwest corner of John Ferns Park) is a point of intersection with the Crosstown Bike Connector. (You'll also pass by Ralph Harris Park, Streng Park, and Dave Douglass Park.)
  6. Head east on West El Dorado Drive (passing Woodside Park along the way); continue onto El Dorado Drive (passing William Crawford, Sr., Park) until Coloma Way. The corner of El Dorado Drive and Coloma Way is is a point of intersection with the Community Center Bike Leg.
  7. Head north on Coloma Way until Hays Street.
  8. Head west on Hays Street to return to The Bike Garage.


Woodland Bicycle Map