919 Drake Drive in Central Davis. Rental Office located at 1905 Anderson Road
(530) 756-4488
[email protected]
Office Hours
Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Model Open for Tours
http://www.andersondrake.net has additional info, photos and video.
Facebook page - current info on community events

The Drake Apartments' is an apartment complex that has been managed by Hallmark Properties since 2006. All of the residences and common areas were renovated in 2008/9. Residents comment that the location near shopping centers and UC Davis make this a great place to live. Anderson Court Apartments are located next door and are managed by the same team. All residents have access to the amenities provided by both communities.

Management Notices

February 9, 2017 - We are leasing now with 2-Bedroom flats available and possibly a couple townhouses opening up for Fall 2017. Call and schedule a tour today if you are interested. 10-5:30 M-F, 11-4 Sat.

March 6, 2012 - We have transformed the model apartment across from the office into a resident lounge with Wi-Fi and a second free printing station.

May 17, 2011 - We are proud to announce the opening of our new Resident Cafe just outside the office (adjacent to the model apartment). We will be serving various treats and beverages there daily. We will soon be adding wifi to the model and opening it up for you as well.

December 2010 - The newly remodeled Group Study Room is now open for use! The group study is open to anyone and can be reserved for group projects and meetings.

Features & Amenities

Apartment Features Community Amenities
Newly Renovated Apartment Homes
Close to Campus
Responsive Management
Community Culture
On Multiple Bus Lines
Sparkling Pools and Spa
Free Parking
Next to 2 Shopping Centers
Sparkling Pool & Spa
Newly Renovated Fitness Center
Coutesy Patrol by Paladin Security
Large Study Lounge With Wi-Fi & Printing
Cats OK w/ Deposit; No Dogs
Laundry Centers
Cable and Internet Ready
Patios and Balconies
Split Bathrooms
Community Culture
On Multiple Bus Lines
Sparkling Pools and Spa
Central Heat & Air
Ample Storage
Central Heat & Air
Large Bedrooms
Central Heat & Air

2008/9 interior renovations include new doors and windows, blinds, appliances, counters, cabinets, flooring, carpet, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and hardware. The Fall 2014 rental rates range from $1,490/month to $1,590/month, including sewer, garbage and parking. If you are interested in subleasing, please note that many residents advertise on Uloop, Craigslist, Community Housing List, or Facebook Marketplace when they have a room to rent out.


Public Transportation - The Drake is located on the Unitrans B bus line, P/Q bus line, and the G bus line, which is quite convenient for UC Davis students. Just a few blocks away at Anderson Rd. & Hanover Dr. there is another stop for the Unitrans P/Q Bus Line and several Yolobus routes that will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Winters Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - You can access the Davis Bike Loop by heading south on Anderson and either hanging a right on Villanova or a left on 14th St. The UC Davis campus is 1.1 miles away. There are bike lanes, bike paths, and bike connectors on all of the surrounding streets.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, go north on Anderson, cross Covell Blvd and connect to The Greenbelt. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, Anderson Plaza is across the street and The Marketplace is 0.3 miles away.

Parking - Ample uncovered parking is available - 1 pass per resident.

Details & Floor Plans

Apt Size Sq ft Rent Deposit Comments Availability (Updated 02-09-2017 - Contact office for current information)
2 Bed 1 Bath Flat 918 From 1665 800   Now leasing for Fall 2017
2 Bed 1.5 Bath Townhouse 978 From 1775 800   Now leasing for Fall 2017



2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Flat (Approximate Square Footage) 2 Bedroom 1.5 Bathroom Townhouse (Approximate Square Footage)


Dining Room to Sunken Living Room Townhouse Sunken Living Room Townhouse Dining Room and Kitchen Townhouse External Vanity, Shower & Toilet Separate @ Drake 2 BR Flat

Amenities - Available to Both Drake and Anderson Court

Fitness Center Resident Cafe Resident Lounge with WiFi Drake Pool & Spa 2-Story Study with WiFi Conference Room in Study


For additional information on rental housing options in the Davis area, take a look at our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments page.


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    There is a Comment archive that has comments that relate to previous management.

    2009-01-08 02:11:40   Can't complain about living here. Not the closest to campus, but could be a lot worse distance wise (i.e. South Davis). Something REALLY needs to be done about the people who have been braking into people's cars in the parking lot, though. Both my roommate and I had our cars broken into the week before Thanksgiving. In the meantime, the management didn't put out a notice or anything about the string of break ins that has been happening recently. I have friends that live in other apartments around the Covell/Anderson intersection that all received warning about this problem. —sososharp

    2009-01-26 14:45:00   Just a heads up to our current residents: The gym has been remodeled with brand new equipment and the study lounge that is located upstairs from the gym now has wireless internet. Also, someone mentioned that the Drake had not yet been remodeled, but they have and include all the same upgrades as the Anderson Court Apartments. As far as the office not being open during renovations, I didn't work in this office yet, but I do apologize for any inconvenience. We also are aware that there were some car break ins around the holidays and we have posted helpful tips for our residents and emailed similar information before the break. We also provide a free security patrol service and have given each resident a dispatch number to call in any suspicious behavior. —kerrieschultz

    2009-03-10 15:27:56   DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! although the places look nice on the inside, you can hear everything your neighbors do. i hear them flushing their toilet next door from my bedroom (which is not against their bathroom wall). also, there are lots of break-ins and the managment is only now doing something about it. my apartement was broken into in november and the management didn't even have send anyone over to fix our door for two days and then yesterday, this is march, i got an email saying they will be taking precautions because there was a break in. so frustrating. also, the lady in charge of all the hallmark properties is a witch. SOOOOOO rude. just because she owns the properties, it does not mean that she has the right to try to make the residents feel like idiots. she talks down to the residents and when i was trying to get help about something all she did was be extremly rude. again, do NOT live here or any other Hallmark property. and the laundry room sucks and people get stuff stolen out of the machines all the time yet nothing has been done about it. —rubberducky

    2009-03-11 17:11:33   In response to rubberducky: The Drake management would like the opportunity to discuss your comments. Please call or stop by the rental office at your earliest convenience. —drakemanagement

    Note: The following two comments were left from the same IP address and each account has made only a single edit. This may indicate that they are Sockpuppets or it may simply have been two roommates leaving comments within a few hours of each other.

    2009-03-12 01:59:51   From experience, I have come across several problems here at the Drake Apartments including many problems with the laundry room and maintenance. I have spoken with management about these issues and have yet to see any results. They claim they will solve these problems, but no action has been taken. No matter how many times I have spoken with them about my complaints, nothing has been done. The girls that work in the office never seem to want to deal with these problems and try to pass it off to one another, hence nothing is ever fixed. I also have stopped by the office several times to either speak with management or pick up a package, but they never seem to be there. The apartments themselves are mediocre, although the remodeling job is unsatisfactory, however, management is very difficult to deal with. —jc0000

    2009-03-12 11:48:04   I have been very dissatisfied with the management here at the Drake. they are rude when I have tried to confront them with problems and speak to me in a very condescending voice; yes I kept my lease agreement! The laundry room is the worst I have ever seen and I had my clothes stolen, the managements response when i asked why there was not a lock on it? Well apparently it was my fault someone stole my clothes and they are working on getting a lock on the door, it has now been months and no lock, but peoples clothes still are getting stolen! Also, when you sign agreements with them, they do not seem to understand them! You may think that paying rent gives you the authority in your apartment and have the right to privacy as well as safety, but not here in the Drake. Also if you didn't notice, they don't want this information on here, refer to their response to rubberducky. They are trying to hide the truth to reel in more people. the apartments themselves are the cheapest things I have ever seen. The carpet mats into balls, the paint is so cheap if anything touches it, it leaves a mark. How does the Drake prepare the apartments? oh they just paint over all the damages from last year. Our bookcases have pieces of wood missing, but they just put a new coat of paint on. Covering up seems to be their way of solving problems, but does this really solve anything? DON'T LIVE HERE! —gilmore518

    2009-03-12 16:15:41   We regret to inform you that there have been seven daytime break-ins in a four block radius. Typically, this is occurring during the day, when nobody is home. The perpetrator has been entering the apartments by drilling a hole in the sliding glass door locks. We are working closely with the Davis Police Department, as are other apartment communities that have been affected. We are participating in the Crime Free Multi Housing Program offered by the Davis Police Department. This multi-faceted program is being offered to apartment complexes across the community to combat crime.

    There has been a crime alert notice from the Police Department e-mailed to all residents. To help lessen the threat of sliding glass door entry, we are installing additional security devices to the sliding glass doors in all ground floor units on Friday, March 13th. As an added precaution, we advise all residents to close and lock all doors and windows whenever leaving their apartment, even for short trips to the laundry room. It is up to each resident to keep their apartments as secure as possible. Please report any suspicious behavior and come to the office with any questions you may have.


      2009-03-14 11:42:52   Dear residents, thank you for your continuing cooperation during this matter. The additional security devices have been installed on the sliding glass doors of all downstairs units. Please check to ensure installation and that each roommate understands the proper way to utilize the new device. If you have any questions, please contact the office as soon as possible. —drakemanagement

      2009-06-02 19:08:39   Very friendly management! A friend and I signed a lease for fall 2009, then just recently decided we wanted to find another place to live. They have been very helpful in getting us off the lease. I was worried that in this economic climate, any apartment complex would hang onto us for dear life, but I've been pleasantly surprised! On this basis alone, I would recommend them to anyone looking for an apartment. (I'm moving into a house.) —NaBarry

      2009-09-12 16:45:22   I would like to caution parents and students about the questionable practices that we have experienced with the Drake management. It is very important to document on move in any and all problems with your apartment,take pictures especially of the tub area and to keep a file. On move out, take digital photos of each room, carpet and window. After spending almost 8 hours cleaning this apartment personally we were charged $160 to "light" clean a two bedroom apartment when I believe the lease said the typical rate would be $70. Apparently, they will charge you extra if you have any "water spots" that they can detect. Your only recourse is to take your own photos when you move out. I have already contacted the Drake office and was very dissatisfied with the attitude and responsiveness of the individual with whom I spoke. I am contacting the better business organization to report these questionable activities. —DisappointedParent

      2009-12-01 14:16:45   We are having an OPEN HOUSE on Friday, December 4th. Refreshments will be served, our model will open for viewing and we will be giving guided tours. Before you make any decisions about where to live next year, stop by for a tour. —drakemanagement

      2010-01-02 03:37:30   Don't live here unless you want all of your stuff stolen!! Apartment break-ins, car break-ins, laundry room theft, you name it, it happens here. Management refuses to do anything about the problem, they just point out other complexes that have had thefts as well. Duh, of course there are gonna be other occurrences all around Davis, but that doesn't mean they have the right to be negligent and not do anything about the issue. The manager of all the Hallmark Properties met with me, and promised to call me back in a week with solutions, never heard from her again. Management is condescending and treats residents as inferior people, and they take advantage of some naive younger residents. Also, the interiors/appliances are cheap and low-quality, the landscaping is really ugly, and you can hear every little thing going on in every neighboring apartment. $2000 worth of stuff has been stolen from me here at the Drake (and I'm not being negligent or bringing this upon myself)...this can be you too if you live at The Drake! I hope they get sued for negligence. —kprc

      2010-01-06 11:37:56   In response to the above comments, we would like to apologize to you as we take situations like these very seriously. In direct response to the meeting that took place, management has doubled our courtesy patrol since October. This change is not temporary. We have also implemented Amerilert, which allows us to immediately update and inform our residents via email/text about any situations that may arise. Due to an increase in residential crimes throughout Davis, we have become involved with The Davis Police Department's Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, which keeps us informed of local occurrences and ways to help prevent them from happening here. We encourage all our residents to keep the Davis Police Department well informed of any situations, as this assists them in tracking crime and patrolling the area. Our goal is to offer our community the best possible living environment. —drakemanagement

      2010-03-02 13:27:57   I feel that some of the comments on this page are a bit over-exaggerated. The management does try very hard to appease its tenants in many areas, and in general are pretty friendly. I can't say the same for the owner of both the Drake and Anderson, she's not very flexible or accommodating. Still, it seems the Drake is setting itself up for financial ruin as their strict contractual policies and unwillingness to work with financially troubled students is going to leave them in the dust as other apartment complexes offer a far better package. It's quite sad really because the Drake and Anderson are located in such a convenient location. —AJMR

      2010-03-15 17:08:59   Hello everyone :) My name is Kristen, I'm the Assistant Manager here at The Drake. We are currently leasing our two bedroom apartments for this fall, and I would love to answer any questions you may have about our community and renovated apartments. You can also come in to see me for a tour, I would be happy to show you around! —kristenatdna

      2010-03-15 17:18:45   We are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our remodeled Study Lounge! We've been working really hard on creating a comfortable study space for everyone, and we think you'll love the new look. We are also adding a Group Study Room for meetings and projects very soon. There is also free high speed wireless internet available in the Lounge. Let us know what you think! :) —kristenatdna

      2010-06-11 15:42:32   Leasing for Fall with Amazing Deals! We have great move-in specials running right now on one and two bedroom apartments. Free rent and reduced deposits! Stop in Monday-Saturday to tour the model. We hope to see you soon! —kristenatdna

      2010-09-12 03:25:19   I live in a 2 bedroom apartment during the summer. The interior is nice and feels new. The management is responsive and repair often comes within a day or two. I now moved to Avalon apartment which is supposed to be one of the best, but I still like the Drake interior better. Also drake feels more safe because they have courtesy patrol by patrol plus which patrols the parking lot at least once per night. —MatthewLaw

      2010-09-14 21:21:44   MANAGEMENT SUCKS. I called them to ask about a payment that was particular to my unit. I talked to a guy named Kevin, and he told me that he would have someone call me back. But they never called me back. So I tried again a couple days later and still they did not contact me. I don't know what's going on, either they have structured their management to ignore tenants or they have really bad employees. As a paying tenant, my issues should be addressed, especially if it involves payments.

      We should have a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. —LizL

      2010-09-14 22:02:32   Also, _ is right, my roommate moved in yesterday and she said it was much smaller than she expected. And of course are having the same trouble with furniture. _ please update on this.

      We should have a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT.


        2011-01-28 02:16:20   I've lived at the Anderson and the drake, both are great properties. To the person saying the owner is a women "I can't say the same for the owner of both the Drake and Anderson, she's not very flexible or accommodating" The owners are not female so I do no know where you are getting your info. The outside looks a bit dated but has been kept up very well. The insides are great I love the sunken living room. And the remodle looks really well done. Great kitchen appliances I just wish they where black. The management has been really helpful whenever I have a problem (clogged sink, broke my key in the lock) both fixed the same day. The maintenance ppl didn't seem creepy like at my old place so that was nice. I do think a lot of the negative posts are way over exaggerated or someone who screwed up the apt and didn't get their deposit back or something childish like that. You realize they make them like new again when you move out rite? Summary- the drake is a great place to live, it would be even better if the units had washers and dryers(they have laudry rooms tho) and the people are nice plus it's rite by great food aka taquira, dos coyotes, panda express,noahs bagels and safeway —Briley

        2011-02-11 12:21:20   Expect to get little or none of your deposit back. Even if you clean THOROUGHLY, they will show you pictures "they took during moveout" (which are really of someone else's dirty apartment). I asked them to prove those were of my apartment and they couldn't, so I did end up getting a little extra of my deposit back upon threat of small claims court since I had my own pictures to prove my apartment was in fact in better condition than when I received it. They know all the tricks and will scam you to death in a place that is already way overpriced. If you want to be treated like a person and not just rent check, LIVE ELSEWHERE! **same goes for Anderson Court and The Lexington, they're all the same owners/management** —JennaMiller

        • Hallmark Properties values all residents’ comments and feedback. We apologize for your negative move out experience. We welcome the opportunity to address all of our residents’ concerns. During the move out process, we are committed to working with our residents to ensure that they receive a fair return of their security deposit. We are available and willing if you would like to discuss this matter further. —KMSchultz

        2011-04-05 00:53:16   Overall, I enjoyed living at the Drake. Kevin, the manager, is really nice and helpful. The maintenance staff is amazing. The only thing I didn't like about Drake was how strict they are about other people parking in the lot. The lot is rarely full, but they will tow your car if you do not have a permit so be careful! Do not even leave it for 30 minutes. It was always annoying when we had visitors over and they had to park somewhere down the street even though there was plenty of space in the lot. —UCDavisStudentMichelle

        2011-05-10 15:43:27   This is my 3rd year living here at the Drake. My three years have been great here. Management is very friendly and approachable, maintenance fixes problems very quickly, and I like the fact that they give out snacks at the office sometimes before finals or holidays. —ElaineJeu

        2011-06-11 23:49:10   We have lived at The Drake for one year now, and are planning to stay here for at least another year. The management team is very responsive and caring, and willing to work with you on various concerns/issues you may have. We had a few emergency situations such as leaks that were taken care of very promptly and professionally. We always get return calls or emails whenever we ask for them. The office has free food and things for students often, and it is a very student-friendly community. We love the Drake! —HumDevStudent

        2011-07-19 01:21:08   DO NOT LIVE HERE!! I lived here for 2 years and it was one of the biggest mistakes I made in my college career. (Circumstances got significantly worse after they got us to sign the lease for the second year.) The absolute worst part about this apartment complex was the management. The girls who work in the Drake's office were useless. They were not efficient and never took any action to fix anything that anyone reported. Even worse is the manager of Hallmark Properties. They decided to spray wash the outside of the complex without notifying the residents and all the dirty water leaked in through all the cracks around my bedroom window because the Drake did such a cheap remodel job. In addition, the power washers must have dragged one of the hoses across my car and put a giant scratch on the hood, on top of covering it with dirty water. I realized this because I had washed my car the day before. When I notified the management the useless girls in the office said they could not do anything about it and had to contact the manager of Hallmark Properties who took weeks to get back to me and solve the problem. The manager of Hallmark properties basically just gave me attitude and acted like she did not believe me so I had to bring her all the way to my car across the complex so she could just stand there and look at it. If they had just notified us ahead of time I would have moved my car to the other side of the lot.

        In addition, parts of the complex completely flooded when it rained. I lived on the second floor and it pretty large puddles even formed on the walkways up there. They would freeze over during the winter and I almost slipped and fell multiple times. I reported this issue on 3 separate occasions and they never fixed it. Instead the girls in the office treated me without respect - I could even hear them laughing about my complaint once while I was on the phone. The fan in the shower room in my apartment was also broken for over a year. I called about three times to tell management it was broken and that there was stuff growing all over the ceiling, but each time they would just send the repair man who would just wipe it with a dry towel and paint over it, meanwhile dripping paint all over our bathtub. Finally, by the third call, they decided I was telling the truth and fixed the fan and it worked fine after that. Apparently third time's the charm, except I feel that this whole issue should have been solved the first time I reported it as I said the FAN was the problem. Management never believed me when I reported a problem, which I don't understand because everything they put in these apartments was extremely cheap. We were moving my roommate's incredibly cheap bed frame and it took off a piece of the wall when it brushed it.

        When we moved out the I turned in rent for the last month because they did not tell me they would take it out of my security deposit. Of course the incompetent management deposited my check and took rent out of our security deposit. I noticed it and called management. Once again they said they could not do anything about it and had to refer me to the terrible Hallmark Properties manager. 2 phone calls and several months AFTER we moved out of our apartment we finally got the refund check in the mail. Overall, I had a TERRIBLE experience living at the Drake apartments. The worst part is the management and thin the walls in the apartments. I would not recommend living here. There are much better apartment complexes downtown that are also much closer to campus that you can get for the same rent as the Drake. —kjc89

        • On behalf of the entire team at The Drake, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you experienced during your residency at the apartments. I am confident none of the staff intended to be rude or dismiss your concerns, but it is your perception that ultimately matters. We value all feedback, positive or negative, and we view this as an opportunity to improve our customer service. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss this matter further.. —KMSchultz

        2011-08-12 14:55:33   Would highly recommend this complex. Management is pleasant, helpful, and quick to respond to issues. Apartment fixtures are fairly modern, not unattractive, and in good working order. Complex is situated next to B-line stop which is quite convenient. —ErikAllen

        2011-12-12 03:44:28   Personally, I love it here in the Anderson Apartments. Everyone is really nice to me, and my roommates, the neighbors are nice, the staff is incredibly caring. They always want to know how we are doing, I find myself spending a lot of time at the office, having our laughs.

        The apartments, well for someone who moved time to time, the apartment I live in is fantastic! It was nothing like we expect, the walls may be thin to your neighbors, but nothing a set of headphones or going to the study lounge can't fix.

        I can see myself living here for awhile, with the great service, great environment, and even the great food they would feed us, especially on the finals week, when the entire week, they provide a little snack and a room for us students to study in, it can not get any better than this!

        I live with 3 other people and they can very well agree with me when I say, this place is AWESOME! —SamLe

        2012-03-03 12:45:31   Not a bad complex at all, just some typical North Davis break-ins, but it's been much better lately. The price is pretty good for what you get, the units are decent and maintenance is very responsive to any complaints you might have. I've never had anything stolen from the laundry, and all the communal rooms are kept very neat and clean. LOVE the study lounge, great desks and chairs, free wifi, free priniting (provide your own paper). The management is awesome, there's free food and community events. The gym is pretty good too, tv and free wifi in the there. Friendly neighbors, responsive security unit when the parties get too loud. Right across the street from Safeway, Savemart, Peets, Guads, and a bunch of other great places. Bus line drops you off literally in front of your complex. Thank you Drake! —AnBan

        2012-12-07 16:00:25   Everything here is great, except the water incident and the free printing. Now the water incident, the water for the shower was out for 2 days. No hot or cold water in the shower at all. I had to shower elsewhere; I don't know how other people in the complex who didn't have friends that lived elsewhere survived without a shower for 2 days. Also I would recommend getting your own printer because all 3 printers are constantly out of toner, which sucks when you need to print something important. The free printing isn't worth it. —DavisDavisJr

        • We’re happy that you enjoy living at the Drake. I apologize for the hot water being out for 2 days. The main underground hot water pipe broke, we were unable to perform any digging to reach the pipe until Pacific, Gas & Electric were able to come out to check to see if any gas lines were in the area that we would be digging. Fixing the pipe was a major undertaking but once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have cause you and our other residents. We recently added additional printing in the Resident Café Lounge as well as a second printer in the Drake Study. If you notice any of the printers are out of toner, please call or e-mail us so we can replace them. —KMSchultz

        2013-09-11 00:56:42   To everyone who has complained about not getting their deposit back, my roommates and I lived here for three years and got all but about $50 of our deposit back. We were reasonably clean and spent two days dusting, giving the bathroom a second cleaning, giving the oven a second cleaning and being thorough before handing back the apartment. We found that for the price and the location (near buses, near grocery stores, near restaurants that are friendly to a student budget), the Drake was pretty perfect. It wasn't 100% perfect, but nowhere you live will be 100% perfect. Thanks for providing us with a great apartment at a reasonable price! —LCruz