The view from the Harrietstown Cemetery Harrietstown Road runs north out of Saranac Lake as a continuation of Broadway following the route of the old Northwest Bay Road. It is designated as New York Route 86. Its name comes from the fact that it leads to the small hamlet of Harrietstown. The Adirondack Dairy, also known as Durgan's Dairy was on Harrietstown Road, as was Durgan's Grill. Mt. Pleasant Farm and the Morgan Farm were also located along the road; Donnelly's is still there.  The name apparently used to also apply to the road between Donnelly's to Lake Clear, a stretch now designated New York Route 186

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name/Notes Cure Evidence
Harrietstown Road   Ridgewood Villa SLD1908
Harrietstown Road 2030 State Route 86 Hillside Lodge