Events of 2009

Santa Cruz Events during the year of 2009
Month, Day Santa Cruz Wiki Entry and Description
February 1 Motiv opened.
February Tannery Arts Center opened.
March Chase took over Washington Mutual.
March Stripe opened.
April 4 Nourish opened.
April James D Houston passed away.
May Ciao Bella Act II opened.
May Computer Kitchen opened.
May Santa Cruz Weekly established.
June Aquarius opened.
June Bike Dojo was founded.
June Midnite Snack formed.
June 5 Cafe Delmarette opened.
July 4 Summit Roadhouse opened.
August CommuniTea Room opened.
October Morton Marcus passed away.
October Lolly Tree Toys opened.
October Windmill Cafe opened.
November Charis Wilson passed away.
Friday the 13th of November The Atomic Aces were formed.
December A.L. Walters Gallery opened.
Art and Soul opened.
Backstage Lounge opened.
The Breakers opened.
The Broken String Band formed.
Chef Liu changed named from Mei Garden.
Chimera Tattoo Studio and Gallery opened.
Cruz Carz opened.
Davenport Gallery opened.
Felton Chinese Cuisine opened.
Funkranomicon was formed.
Hawgs Seafood opened.
Kessler's Martial Arts & Fitness opened.
Lucy's Hot Dogs opened.
Mad House Bar opened.
Main Street Garden & Cafe opened.
Motiv Bistro opened.
New World Ape formed.
Oswald re-opened on Front Street.
Pacheco Dog Park established.
Pearl of the Ocean opened.
Samba Rock Açaí Cafe opened.
Santa Cruz Local Foods founded.
Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals founded.
Santa Cruz Skydiving Adventures founded.
Satellite Telework Center opened.
SmoQe BBQ opened.
Split Shot formed.
Sports Palace Bar & Grill opened.
Starz Cupcakes opened.
Storefront & Studio opened.
Take Back Santa Cruz founded.
Taqueria El Dandy opened a Downtown location.
Taqueria La Escondida opened.
Testicle Festival founded.
UnScruz founded.
Vivas opened.
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