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This is a platform where you can share your passion for "You will do better in Toledo" with the world. Find pages that relate to why you love Toledo and improve them. Or create new pages to document what you love about the Toledo region.


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Editing Toledo LocalWiki is as easy as formatting a document or composing an email message:

  • Type the name of a new page you want to create in the search box above and follow the prompts.

  • Click the "Edit" button on any page already here.

  • Add any text you want and link to other pages in Toledo Wiki or on the web.

  • You can upload pictures, embed videos, and insert a map on any/every page.

  • Create user account and log in when you edit.

  • The site remembers all changes ever, which can be reverted back to; so messing up or drama are really non-issues.


Quick look at some key features:

All Pages this is a list of all the pages on Toledo Wiki
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Recent Changes  this details the changes that have happened in the last 7 days
Tags this is the collection of all the tags added to all pages 
Statistics internal localwiki stats
LocalWiki Global links to other communities who are celebrating and working on the democratic production of knowledge
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Brian Zelip launched Toledo Wiki out of love and can't wait to turn it over to a collective of engaged editors.

Please find a list of pages about the operation of Toledo Wiki at Toledo Wiki Meta Page to get more involved.

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