Three Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) trees are planted in this clump on Spring Lake Alley between Webster Court and Shinn Place.True Cedar Trees are members of the pine family and therefore closely related to pine trees and spruce trees. There are only five species of true cedars, all in the genus Cedrus. They are all from the Mediterranean region or Asia; none are native to the United States.

Many trees commonly called cedars, such as Incense Cedars, Port Orford Cedars, and Western Red-Cedars, are members of the cypress family instead. See Cypress Trees for information about those trees.

Cedar Lane in southern Woodland is named for cedar trees, though it's probably more likely intended to refer to our locally native "cedar" trees in the cypress family rather than to the true cedars from other continents.

Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) is an evergreen conifer from northwestern Africa. It grows to about 100 feet tall. Atlas Cedars bear male and female cones on the same tree. Atlas Cedars are ranked 2 out of 10 on the Ogren Plant Allergy Scale, indicating that they are a safe choice for hay fever sufferers. Atlas Cedar is planted at Freeman Park and Woodland Sports Park.

Deodar Cedar (Cedrus deodara) is an evergreen conifer from Asia. It grows to about 150 feet tall. Deodar Cedars can be male, female, or androgynous (bearing male and female cones on the same tree). Only the male cones have pollen; male Deodar Cedars are ranked 6 out of 10 on the Ogren Plant Allergy Scale, while androgynous Deodar Cedars are ranked 4 out of 10 and female Deodar Cedars are ranked 1 out of 10 (the best possible score). Deodar Cedar is planted at Beamer ParkCampbell Park, Christiansen ParkCity HallDave Douglass ParkDick Klenhard Ballfield ComplexEverman Park, Grace Hiddleson ParkJack Slaven ParkJohn Ferns ParkJoseph Schneider ParkRalph Harris ParkRick Gonzales, Sr., ParkWilliam Crawford, Sr., ParkWoodland City CemeteryWoodland Public Library, and Woodland Sports Park. It is also planted as a street tree on 1st Street, 3rd Street, Carnegie WayCounty Road 102, East Main Street, Elliot StreetKentucky AvenueOak Avenue, and Sports Park Drive.


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