Tree nets in Washington Square Park. Photo by queerbychoice. Citizens to Preserve Marysville's Parks is an organization dedicated to preserving parks in Marysville. The Marysville General Plan established by the Marysville City Council recommends that 31.8 acres within Marysville should be reserved for parks. Marysville currently has fewer acres of park land than this, yet the Marysville City Council is still trying to sell off more park land - attempting to sell Yuba Park in 1998 and part of Washington Square Park in 2007. Both sales were stopped by lawsuits. The latter lawsuit was filed by Citizens to Preserve Marysville's Parks.

Marysville's parks include Basin Park, Beckwourth Riverfront Park Complex, East Lake, Ellis Lake, Gavin Park, Miners Square Park, Plaza Park, Stephen J. Field Park, 3rd and D Streets Mini-Park, Triplett Park, Veterans Park, Washington Square Park, and Yuba Square Park.


"Tree Nets Spoiling Marysville" by Dale Whitmore, Appeal-Democrat, April 16, 2009