GST110 (CF): The Global Experience (Dr. Lackaff)

General directions

  1. Choose a topic as directed in the assignment. You might find inspiration for your feature article topic at Wanted articles.
  2. Add the topic to the alphabetized master list at Under development, along with your class (GST110CF) and name, and remove it from Wanted articles (if applicable). This will help ensure multiple students don't choose the same article this semester.
  3. Add the topic to the list on this page as an "article developed" under your name (see the example).
  4. Create the article in your sandbox: Users/<your user name>/<article title>, e.g. Users/lackaff/Company Shops Market

  5. When you have completed the article according to the assignment specifications, share your sandbox links with your team, so they can review and edit your articles.
  6. When you review a teammate's article, add it to the list on this page as an "article edited" (see the example).
  7. When reviews and edits are complete, copy your article from your sandbox to the main wiki, e.g. from Users/lackaff/Company Shops Market to Company Shops Market, and remove the article topic from the Under development list.

List of GST110CF student article projects

Add your name and work to the following list in alphabetical order. Provide links to the sandbox versions of your articles (so your edits are apparent). Example:

Lackaff, Derek

Carter, Maggie

Carty, Catherine

Dorsey, Anna

  • Articles developed
  • Articles edited

DeBlock, Taylor

DiBigio, Nicholai

Feldman, David

Goodnough, Christina

Hoerr, Taylor

Articles developed

Hunter, Kaylin

James, Caroline

Kowalski, Katie

Krause, Matt

Langham, Colin

Lenz, Jacob

MacRostie, Juliette

Mankin, Emma

McDermid, Molly

Mosca, Ben

Moylan, Abby

Murphy, Sean

Pederson, Tatum

Phelan, Cait

Salas, Carlos

Schramn, Trevor

Scott, Elizabeth

Srour, Allison

Windle, Meghan

Wittenberg, Allison

Witthohn, Aaron