1100 Olive Drive
Office Hours
Monday - Friday 10am - 5:30pm
Saturday 11am - 4pm
(530) 758-1541
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Types of Units
2br/2ba, 3br/3ba, 4br/4ba

The Lexington is an apartment complex managed by Hallmark Properties in the small sliver of town in between downtown and I-80. They were voted "Best Apartment Community" in 2015 and 2016 by the Davis Enterprise's Reader's Choice Awards! It was also voted the "Best Off-Campus Housing in Davis" in 2006 for Best Of Davis, by The California Aggie. Lexington offers emergency after hours answering service and nighttime courtesy patrol. As a resident, you can pay rent and amenities and make work requests online.

The Lexington is a good example of infill redevelopment that the City of Davis is trying to emphasize over urban sprawl. Due to it's location, most resident comments emphasize that the benefits of such close proximity to UC Davis, downtown and transit options outweigh the challenges

During the 2004 election, one of the unoccupied spaces was volunteered as a polling location and was where most people on Olive Drive voted that year.

During large turn-out elections, The Lexington often hosts a polling place for neighborhood voters. The Lexington also works with The Arbors to host a blood drive once a year.

Current Pricing for 2017-18: 2x2 Flat: $2,035, 2x2 Townhouse: $2,090 3x3 Flat: $2,860, 3x3 Townhouse: $2,835 4x4 Townhouse: $3,450. Lexington also offers individual leases.

Management Notices

January 2017- We are now pre-leasing for 2017-18

Features & Amenities

Apartment Features
Community Amenities
Newer Construction
Close to Campus
Central Heat/Air
Fitness Room
Washer/Dryer in Each Unit
Dishwashers & Microwaves
On-Site Storage Units
Handicapped Access
Cats and Service Dogs Allowed with deposit
BBQ Area
.Tons of Community Events
Study Room w/ Four Computers & Free Printing
.Nacho Friday!
Covered and Uncovered Parking
Gym/Fitness Studio Space

The community clubhouse offers a pool table, gym, fitness studio, and a study room. The study lounge in the clubhouse offers computers equipped with internet, free printing, and tables with comfortable reading chairs. The fitness room has 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals, 2 stationary bikes, and a set of dumbbells. The fitness studio is a large open room with medicine balls, yoga mats, resistance bands and large mirrors. There is a pool at the clubhouse that's available for all residents between 9am - 10pm Sunday-Thursday and 9am-11pm Friday and Saturday. Sacramento Elite Patrol offers courtesy patrols three times a night and on call when issues arise.


Parking Lot signs Public Transportation - The Lexington is located on Unitrans W bus line and M bus line and quite close to Amtrak service at the Davis Train Station.

Bicycle - At the western end of Olive Drive, there is a connection to The Davis Bike Loop. That bike path will take you safely and quickly to shopping choices at Oakshade Town Center in South Davis (under the train track and I-80) or north to Davis Commons.

Pedestrian - Need a quick snack? The Olive Drive Market and The Loop are located on the same block. For recreational adventures, the Arboretum is really close and also accessible at the end of Olive Drive. For dining, shopping, and nightlife activities, a quick walk under the historic Davis Subway, commonly known as the Richards Underpass, will put you in Downtown Davis.

Parking - Covered and uncovered parking available. Since this complex was built recently, progressive parking features that encourage alternative forms of transportation were required by the City of Davis. Motorcycle, ultra-compact and electric vehicle enthusiasts will find many spots to the chagrin of SUV drivers. In addition, the complex has a very narrow "two-way" street for parking with angled parking, which forces drivers to be more careful of other forms of transportation around them. There are also four speed bumps to calm traffic.

ADA Accessibility - Lexington has 2x2 flats and 3x3 flats on the first floor that are ADA accessible.

. All Restaurants delivery people, check this out! This will make your life so much easier.

Floor Plans

Click any plan to view full size

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Townhouse (Approximate Square Footage) 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Flat (Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse A4 (Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse B3 (Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse B4 (Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse B5(Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Townhouse B6 (Approximate Square Footage) 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom Flat (Approximate Square Footage) 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Townhouse (Approximate Square Footage)

Interior Pictures


Their old signage, used until 2009.


See our Housing Guide for more information on housing in Davis, and our Apartments page for a thorough list of complexes within Davis.

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2008-10-18 02:41:49   Can anyone comment on the noise level at lexington? especially about the freeway —sweetsoni

  • Go stand there at night. If that's not an option, I lived next door at the Arbors, and the noise level (in an apartment more toward Olive than 80) was not even noticeable. People opinions of what is acceptable noise levels differ, however, and there are probably different noise levels in different spots. It really should be something you should go check out. In fact, if you are sensitive to noise you should go check the noise level at all the different locations you are considering, even without a major road nearby, as your future neighbors might tend toward being louder than a freeway. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-11-10 13:25:51   i live there now for the 08-09 school year and it's been pretty great so far

my only complaints are that my bike got stolen and parking can be a hassle if you live the olive drive side and have to back out of the 10 car lots because it's full

compared to other apartments, it definitely has a edge in a community feel about the place —fredchen

2008-12-20 13:20:11   I've lived in Lex for 3 years, and overall it was an ok experience. On the positive side the units are new and have good utilities, its a moderately quite environment (except for the weekends), the management is quick to respond, and the location is very convenient. However, Lex has some annoying qualities. Patrol plus is far too authoritative! They break up all parties no matter the size, sometimes having 5 people over is too much for them. Patrol plus has literally pulled me over in the parking lot for "speeding" over 5 mph, and made me line up in the pool area because I was in there past 10pm. They're a joke! Lately Olive Dr. has been attracting some sketchy people. Tons of bums hangout in front of olive drive market and in-n-out. They haven't been a big issue but they are just everywhere and its annoying to have to co-exist with them. If you spend a lot of time studying, Lex may not be the best place to live. The train tracks and I-80 border the apartments. Expect loud music but the noise level really depends on your neighbors and where your apt is located within the complex. —armaraglia

2009-01-18 10:49:46   Do they require complex specific bike parking permits: ? —JasonAller

2009-01-19 13:43:04   Yes, we do require complex specific bike permits. If you are a resident and you have a bike, please come get a permit in the office. We do this because we sometimes go through the property and remove any abandoned bikes. Your sticker helps us determine which bikes to cut and which to leave. —AndreaTheLexingtonMgmt

2009-02-27 16:11:43   Does anyone know if they include utilities(electricity/water) with rent? —DolphinOmega

2009-03-02 15:43:40   The rent includes water/sewage/garbage. The resident is responsible for PG&E and Cable/Internet. Hope this helps! —TheLexingtonManagement

2009-04-26 12:59:58   What is the rent for the 09/10 school year? —ashna.singh

2009-04-30 10:27:02   Please give us a call at our office and we would be happy to go over the pricing and what we have available for Fall 2009 —TheLexingtonManagement

2009-05-03 01:17:19   I did call twice and emailed the property but no one got back with me with the information. —ashna.singh

2009-05-04 15:35:37   Ashna, we have located your email and have sent you a response. I greatly apologize for the inconvenience. —TheLexingtonManagement

2009-05-29 15:57:40   I've lived here for 2 years, 2007-2009. First year (07-08) was fun. Neighbors were considerate and nice. Office people were helpful. This past year has been horrible. Neighbors are loud and inconsiderate. Many people don't park within the lines especially the covered parking spots. I don't think Lexington breaks up many parties because my neighbors are constantly partying throughout the week. There are always drunk people running around screaming at 3 or 4 in the morning even on the weekdays. Complained to the office multiple times, yet there was no change. I'm all for partying, but be considerate about it. Some people like sleep when they have class at 8am or midterms/finals the next day. Also, our water has been shut off twice this month without notification. The rent is overpriced. Rooms are small and the layout of some rooms are horrible. Can't open the closet when the door is open. Not worth it. The only good thing is that they respond to maintenance requests fast. —zahra

2009-09-01 18:07:24   YOU DO NOT WANT TO LIVE HERE! First off the location is a nightmare and lots of freeway noise and low income housing across the parking lot with drug dealings..super over priced for what you get! But most important - read the fine print on your lease. They automatically ding you $140 for carpet cleaning..even if you had it professionally done yourself. They also expect you to be responsible for the fact that Davis has well water and it leaves rust stains on their cheap plastic drop in shower/tubs..guess what they ding your security deposit..oh yes if you don't pull out the stove and clean all along side of it..or god forbid you don't pull the light fixture in the kitchen and clean it out...you will get dinged for that too. I am not kidding..its a racket and they know college kids are usually not savvy enough to fight it..well they messed with the wrong person..we are reporting them to the California Consumer Affairs department and taking them to small claims court to get back the $400 dollars they want to charge us! I (the mom of one of the kids) personally scrubbed the apartment with the kids..it was cleaner than when they moved in! Upon their recommendation I cleaned out the god damn window sills too but when the kids did a walk through they said it wasn't clean...B.S. it wasnt' clean..I did it myself! PARENTS BEWARE - I WOULDN'T LET YOUR KIDS RENT THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU PLAN ON NOT WANTING YOUR DEPOSIT BACK!!! THE STAFF IS HORRIBLE AND RUDE AND THE PLACE FRANKLY IS A DUMP AND NOT KEPT UP WELL FOR WHAT THEY CHARGE! Thank god the kids moved out of this hell hole!!!! So renters beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —flusk1

"2009-09-18 17:36:31"   VERY DISAPPOINTED BY THE LEXINGTON MANAGEMENT REGARDING MOVE OUT! I have to say, overall, my experience with The Lexington management was great. They were quick to respond to problems and seemed very friendly and always helpful. However, my move out experience has been terrible. During their initial walk through they pointed out things to clean like the inside of window sills, the blinds, the lint remover tray of the washer and dryer, etc. I spent over 8hrs cleaning (this does not include the time that my roommates spent as well). I cleaned the inside of the window sills, washed each of the individual blinds down with soap and water, even removed the cobwebs from the cathedral ceilings in the staircase area. They still ended up taking over 2/3 of our security deposit! Upon speaking with them regarding charges for things I know FOR A FACT were cleaned, I was told that one of their employees did a walk through and said it was dirty. Furthermore, this was corroborated by the cleaning company they hired. Well, I KNOW what I cleaned. I'm guessing the employee just assumed that someone wouldn't take the time to wipe down each individual blind. Well, I DID. It also seemed like the cleaning company checked each box saying they cleaned everything just so they could charge for everything. Practically every box was checked claiming they had done something. I am so disappointed by their refusal to work with me regarding these charges that I know are false. To be charged over 2/3 of our security deposit when we left the apartment in great condition (nothing was destroyed or broken, only law students ever lived there) and when we spent DAYS cleaning it is simply ridiculous. It makes me wonder what we would have been charged had we actually had broken something or had not spent any time cleaning and simply left the apartment as it was. I am quite seriously considering taking them to small claims court. It isn't even so much the money (quite frankly, the amount of time it will take me to contest these charges versus the amount of money I can earn doing actual legal work during that time is not worth it) but the injustice of this situation. I have a very busy schedule with not a lot of free time. I spent what little free time I had cleaning the apartment. For what? I'm really disappointed by this whole situation tainting my overall experience at The Lexington. My word of warning is this, expect to get very little of your security deposit back whether you clean or not. Go in expecting this and perhaps you won't be as disillusioned as I have been. —LawStudent

2010-01-19 11:37:33   I love this place! the faculty here are friendly and are always willing to be of any assistants! Its close to campus and downtown Davis. The minor consequence of living here would be noice from the freeway and the train. The major issue, the price. But you get what you pay for! —jasolnl

2010-02-06 12:19:59   Well, if you want to have people over Lexington is not the best place. The layout is set up kind of...awkward? For the square-footage you get the space really isn't utilized, it feels really cramped. If you're looking to share a room, I also wouldn't recommend here. The room is barely big enough to fit two beds in. Also, the bathroom situation sucks. If you have people over then they have to go upstairs and through your room to use the bathroom. As for parking, its hard to find parking after 10pm. I sometimes come in at weird hours of the night and can't find parking. It's a little pricey but understandable because it's so close to campus. I can actually walk to my classes in 15 minutes! You can't find that anywhere else! The management at Lexington are awesome! They make quick repairs and are always there to help. As for previous noise complaints I have to agree. From my unit you can't hear the freeway, but you can hear the train, but after a while you get used to it. And there are tons of parties at Lexington and they do get loud, but hey, it's a college town, what do you expect? —stargurl8526

2010-02-18 08:44:28   Can someone tell me the dimensions of the upstairs bedrooms in the 4x4 townhouse? —sms

  • 2010-02-24 11:30:53   Here are the dimensions you requested: (Upstairs rooms from Left to Right) 11'6"x11', 10'9"x11', 10'x11'

Please feel free to contact the office if you have any further questions :) —TheLexingtonManagement

2010-04-15 10:01:23   We would like to announce that we are offerring roommate matching in our 3 and 4 bedroom townhouse layouts. Each room has a private bathroom and there is a washer and dryer in each apartment. Please call us for information! —TheLexingtonManagement

2010-05-07 17:02:58   I have friends that live here and the place is pretty decent however the area is freaking SCARY!!! I never go by myself at night...there are always weird people lurking around! —sarahpurcell

2010-07-11 13:22:59   I LOVED living here. The staff is awesome (thank you Arren), the place is really nice, and after a few weeks, you get so used to the freeway that you do not even notice its there:). The train noise can be annoying but it runs a few times a day so that isnt as bad. I am sad to be leaving end of August but its kinda expensive which is the only reason I will not renew my lease. But you get what you pay for, thats for sure! Thanks for the maintenance crew who are so prompt and responded to everything i requested in a timely manner. —psychstudent

2010-09-24 15:51:31   BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU PARK! The Lexington shares a parking lot with the Cesar Chavez apartments, and if you park on the wrong side of the row of parking spaces, they will tow you and you will be paying hundreds of dollars because they didn't make it clear which spots are off-limits. Both office managers were "very sorry" but couldn't do anything about it. Both managers also cited the other apartments doing this to each other's residents as justification for doing it to each other's residents. Sounds like something they should work out more effectively. I understand parking is limited and I wouldn't want my spot taken by someone who doesn't live there, but making the situation clear to all residents would be nice.

Also, the towing company used by both apartments will not contact you when they tow your vehicle, even if it has a Lexington permit. As I was not expecting to be towed, a couple days passed before I became aware of what happened. The tow guy called the Lex "because they are friends," and they called me. I don't want to think about what would've happened if he hadn't made that call. —aggie12

2010-09-24 17:10:49   An update to my last comment: They sent out an email about the parking area and apparently it is also noted in a newsletter that was just sent out. —aggie12

2010-10-05 00:52:02   After researching (as well as living in) many apartments in Davis, I must say this is the best place to live. The location is close to safeway, the gas station, school, and downtown. The management is always quick to respond to the few maintenence issues I have encountered and they also send out monthly reminders in texts and emails to pay rent in case you forget. They even make breakfast and host bbq's throughout the year too. I love having my bathroom in my room and how big the closests are. The train sounds used to bug me, but after a while you get used to it. Having a washer and dryer in my unit is also a plus along with the free printing in the study lounge, pool, and work out room. As far as parking goes, it does get rather crowded at times but I have usually been able to find a spot, even if it's relatively distant from my unit. I don't understand why other people are complaining about the towing and security in this complex. They tow cars with out permits so that YOU can have a space and I like that patrol plus is here regularly because it makes me feel safer especially with the trailer park being on this street, I have seen some shadey people walk by. There are also multiple signs that label which side is the Lexington's in terms of parking (it's on our side of the street as common sense would suggest) and which side is Ceasar Chavez's, if you didn't read them that's your fault not the Lex's. I am totally renewing my lease next year! I recommend this place to anyone who wants a good apartment in Davis, this is way better than your typical student living - you get what you pay for and believe me you will be more than satisfied. Everyone I know loves living here and is really friendly. —Sweetnsexy7189

2011-02-05 14:15:00   WILL 400$ OF FIRST MONTHS RENT, FOR JANUARY!! 4 bedroom, 4 bath apt./subleasing 1 room!

The Lexington Apartments are owned by Hallmark Properties and is just a few blocks away from the UC Davis campus. It takes only minutes to get to the campus on either bike or foot, and the Lexington Apartments are located in downtown Davis. It is also walking distance from many hotspots, shopping, and restaurants. The common areas of the aparments include an exercise room, pool, spa, and study room with PC and mac computers. The Olive Market is also located within the apartment complexes for grocery needs.

In regards to the floor plan, the sublet room is located in a 4 bedroom, 4 bath apartment so each room has its own private bathroom. The apartment also includes a living room area with a tv supplied by one of the roommates, a kitchen with a microwave, refrigerator, electric stove, and oven, and a balcony. There is 1 bedroom downstairs, and 3 bedrooms upstairs, with the available room being upstairs. A washer and dryer unit is also upstairs in the apartment.

Rent each month for the sublet room would be $675.00. Cable/internet is not supplied by the apartment office, but is paid seperately by all of the roommates in this specific apartment which is around $20.00-30.00/month. Also, PG & E is supplied for the first $100.00/month, but once $100.00 worth is used in the apartment, the excess charge is split between the roommates, which is by 4.

For transportation, there are bus lines that run around the city that stop on Olive Dr. which is the street the apartments are located. Bike racks are also provided in front of the apartment to lock up a bike, and parking is provided as well 24/7 with a permit.

Contact: [email protected]

For more information, here is the Lexington aparment website: http://www.thelex.biz/

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Lexington-Apartments/53538773631


    2011-09-01 14:46:36   As a manager at The Lexington, many of my residents who have been with me since day one are now graduated, packing up their things, and off to start their lives in the big world :). I would like to take the time to thank all of the residents who have been with us this past year and especially those who have been here since my first year back in 2008. I, as well as The Lexington Staff, wish you nothing but the best there is. I can only hope that your time here at The Lexington has been a wonderful one. Thank you for letting us be a part of your college experience and if you are ever in Davis, make sure to stop by and say hi, as you are family and always welcome here :) GOOD LUCK!

    I can't forget our new residents! :) We want to welcome you to the 2011-2012 year at The Lexington! If you have any questions or need anything, please do not hesitate to stop by the office or give me a call. Even if it is just to come by and introduce yourself, I would love it! I can assure you that this year will be a great one! :)

    Yours Truly, Arren Medina —hazeleyes16

    2011-09-01 15:55:44   They have some of the nicest people in the world working at Lexington. After my lease ended with SSA, I had a 3 week gap until I moved back into my new apt with Lexington. Knowing that I had this huge gap and lots of big furniture (like my mattress) to move, they provided me with FREE storage space until my move in date! How many places do that? The gym is great and everyone is considerate in the study room (just bring your own paper). I highly recommend this place. —JonathanColet

    2011-09-12 17:42:20   The noise level at The Lexington is usually tolerable on most days and nights but the most recent turn-over has attracted some rude Bass-Loving tenants. I live at Cesar Chavez and constantly all you can hear is bass and more bass and even more, terrible, soundwave-wasting BASS. I could make a reference to Bea Arthur's heavy breathing here but i won't cuz I just did.


      2012-01-27 17:24:42   Noise level sucks big time especially if you are on a bottom floor apartment. Lots of heavy booms, bumps, and crashes that shake your stuff. Music blasts most nights. Call the security and THEY WILL IGNORE YOU!!!!! Get good earplugs, 'cause you will have neighbors who blast music at all hours. Tell the front desk and they say they can't do anything about it, even though, if you read your lease, that's a violation! So if you are okay with parties three or four days in a row and a liquor store right next door, you'll be in heaven. —sammckee

      • On behalf of The Lexington I wanted to express my sincerest apologies if you have felt your feelings or concerns have not been addressed in a manner pleasing to you. I do understand your frustration and hope that you do stop by the office and talk with Andrea and I both so we can come to a solution for this problem. My goal, as a manager of the Lexington, is to create the happiest and most pleasant experience possible. I really hope you do come and talk with us. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.- Arren

      2012-06-26 21:54:31   In reference to what the poster above said - yes, this year it's been a little bit noisier than most. Unfortunately, I think that's one of the cons to living away from mommy and daddy, in that you can't be sheltered in a big nice house insulated from sound at all times throughout the day. For all those reading, keep two things in mind when making your decision: 1) It's a college town and 2) there are places a lot worse. Focus on the silver lining. I know people in Davis who live in areas with cockroaches, or places so far that it takes them half an hour to bike to Davis, or places with no gym, no internet room and printer, no staff that provides free food all day during finals week along with free quarters in a cup for unlimited coffee. Lexington apartments is easily the safest/best place in all of Davis. Not to mention half the time people had parties, they put a nice note a week in advance informing me it will be loud on such and such date, and please don't call the cops call them first, and that they welcome my company.

      I'm sorry for those who are finally getting a taste of the "real world" - but count your blessings. Many of you who graduate will either be moving back in with your parents, or moving out into an apartment somewhere else. So dealing with neighbors you may not like will become commonplace. Focusing on every negative and ruminating is an easy way to get stressed out for the rest of your life. Just my 2 cents. —JonathanColet

      2013-11-01 20:45:45   I have only lived here for two months and have had a number of disappointing experiences with the management-but no other complaints thus far. First of all, the first time I came in to the office to sign some leasing information after receiving an email to do so-the manager simply said she didn't know what we were talking about. This is not only unprofessional but just rude-if you are the manager you should know better than to say "I don't know what you're talking about" to a resident and offer no further suggestions as to how to obtain the information that is needed. Secondly, they leave passive aggressive notes on your door with issues that they expect to be dealt with within one business day-a ridiculously short period of time, Not to mention, I've lived here for two months and am barely being informed that we haven't been paying PG&E-why weren't we informed after month one? To say the least the management is clearly disorganized considering we were told we had to get renter's insurance before we've moved in and we still haven't been reprimanded to do that. They are also not friendly or happy people at all-unlike the staff at The Colleges who are always more than happy to see you and answer questions! Other than the management I love living at The Lexington so far. —jatucd

      Dear Resident,

      We apologize that your transition here at The Lexington has not been as smooth as it should be. Can you please make an appointment to speak with us directly regarding your PG&E and renter’s insurance. Some of our regular move-in requirements seem to have been overlooked in your case, since you took over someone else's lease. We are very sorry for any inconvenience or stressed caused and would very much like to resolve these issues.

        2014-09-12 10:13:14   I lived here for two years. The first year was through student housing and I decided to stay because my decided roommate wanted to. I sooooooo regret it. Not only was this place overpriced - like ridiculously. They basically screw you over when you move out. If you don't detail you apartment, you'll lose 500+ from your security deposit. All the maintenance and managers said our apartment was one of the cleanest, but they still managed to squeeze money out where ever they could - like a dusty window seal. Also, biking home on a street with homeless people where they hang out where we park our calls doesn't really feel safe to me. Especially when you are paying the high price the lexington asks for. Go somewhere else, bike the extra 3 minutes - you'll save money and probably be happier. —

        2014-11-15 21:52:25   Lived here for 2 years now. Don't regret it one bit.

        Pros: -Staff are awesome. Really friendly and will try to get to know you. Also they host fun events like pool tournaments and giveaways. -Free Food. In particular nachos once a week. Also breakfast and lunch everyday during finals (like what seriously?!) -Swimming pool, pool table, gym, board games. -Parties are tame. Maybe its the layout or something but people don't have many major parties here so its pretty quiet. -Free printing and computer use. Just bring your own paper. -Large study plus the lounge becomes a study area at night. -Close bus stop. -Close to campus. -Driveway and nearby roads are all recently paved and nice.

        Cons -The train likes to honk. -Kinda sketch area across the street. —JonathanB