There are many way to help edit the wiki so it will be a better, more interesting resource for all of us. This page has a list of specific changes, some of them major, that you can help with. (If you want to help out with smaller changes to keep the wiki tidy, check out the Wiki Gnome page - you may be a Wiki Gnome at heart!)


We should draw in all the well-known neighborhoods and parks!

Specific pages that need attention

  • We need to write about each of the neighborhoods in Sacramento.

Each of these pages needs a lot of work:


  • Change any page with “Auto” in the title to “Automobile”; re-link all the pages that link to it.

Naked Lists: Ideally none of our pages should be naked lists - each list should have some content, as well. If you know much about any of the pages in the list below, visit the page and add some information so it's not just a list! See the naked lists page for more advice on filling out these pages.


  • Now that we've created a Streets page, we should look up all the pages with addresses (that's a lot, I know!) and linkify those to the Streets page. It should be quick work, even if it's a lot of pages...
  • All the pages that mention some event that happens every Tuesday, or every third Friday, or every month on the 14th, or annually, etc. should link to the Regular Events page. For example: This farmers market takes place every Thursday.

Improving the business directory

Help fill out the Business Directory:

  • Go through the broken links (dotted underline) on that page and create categories that don't already exist, using the Business Category template.
  • Go to business categories and link to all the businesses you can find already on Sacwiki. Make sure those businesses link back to the Business Directory (like this: See also the full Business Directory.), and also back to the specific category they're part of.
    • I've already gone alphabetically through Art Resources (but not all the subcategories) —NicholasBarry
  • Add new businesses' information to the wiki.
  • Consider consolidating the Explore section - a lot of business categories probably don’t need to be mentioned if they’re already mentioned in the Business Directory
  • Create a “Free or affordable” page, including links to other Free/Affordable” pages: Food, housing, clothing, etc.
  • Try to figure out a way to bulk-add businesses to Sacwiki - there are a lot of businesses in Sacramento, and many of them aren't on Sacwiki yet
    • Get lists from Chambers of commerce - on their website, or ask them to email a directory
      • Contacted all Chambers, most are not interested or referred us to their online directory
    • Use Needle to try to scrape business listings from some business listing service that lists phone numbers, address, name and preferably hours, description, etc.? ( Some potential sources: google maps; Chambers of Commerce sites
  • Make sure larger categories (e.g. Health, Financial Services) link to all the subcategories. This is a bit moot while many of the subcategories are nonexistent pages. Come back to this when a lot more of the directory is filled in.

Front page improvements

  • Cleaning/organizing/restructuring the Welcome to the Wiki page:
  • Find any broken links (dotted underline) on the Front Page, and create the pages they refer to. Or consider linking to another existing page, or even deleting the broken link. Make sure to comment any changes you make to the Front Page (it's good practice for all edits, of course).
  • Create an Events Calendars page - see other events calendars pages on other wikis
  • Update the Featured Page at least once a week
  • Merge the Education Page into appropriate sub-pages: Schools, etc. - get rid of the link on the Education heading? Or just leave the page as a paragraph about the overall educational landscape of Sacramento?
  • Make logo alpha-transparent PNG to fix Safari issue (see Front Page/Talk)

Local Representatives

We need to improve our Local Representatives page so it's easy for people to know who to contact if they have an issue.

  • List how to determine your rep at each level of government. Still to do: County; State; Federal. Done: City Council.
  • A page for each level of government. Still to do: County; State; Federal. Done: City Council.
    • To go on the pages for the County Board of Supervisors, State Legislature/Senate/Assembly, etc.: See Local Representatives for representatives of other levels of government.
  • See the Local Representatives/Talk page for the discussion about listing only local Representatives. Go ahead with it on/after 10/3/11 if there aren't any objections.
  • Remove list of former reps; list them only on the pages for each level of government.
  • Directory of City/County/State/Federal agencies:

Content/pages we should add

Constituent Resources section

We need to add some sort of “constituent resources” (need a different name - “Sacramento resources?”) section to the homepage. For example, your State Senator or Assemblymember can help sort out problems you're having with the DMV, or with your unemployment checks, and it will often get done that way a lot faster than if you try to wait on the long phone queue with the DMV or EDD. Not everyone realizes that, though. We should have pages that explain the best/fastest ways to resolve various problems people might have.

  • Add a page (or multiple pages?) to explain which issues are handled by which levels of government; link to this page from the Local Representatives page
    • City: Noise, zoning, ...
    • State: Any state agency (DMV, FTB, EDD, etc.). Except that some state agencies delegate funding and decision-making to County-level agencies. For example, Child Protective Services is handled at a county level."
  • look at other Wikispot wikis (and non-wikispot wikis?) for guidance. Do any of them have sections like this?
  • Link heavily to the Local Services pages/sections
  • Create centralized sections of services/topics, e.g. Health, Taxes, Legal issues, etc.
    • Health: Add Medicare Consumer Reports
    • Do a search for the term, and create links to and from all the relevant search results. Reorganize and consolidate pages as necessary.
  • Services/resources to add:
    • If you are interested in no more telemarketers calling, simply call 888-382-1222 to remove your phone number from their lists. If you do receive a telemarketer call after 30-some days you can file a complaint to
  • Add link to 211 page to all Services pages; add to Service category template

Job Resources section

We'd like to add a Job Resources section, including a link to the Internships and Fellowships page. I'm going to consolidate all job-related page content into one Job Resources page. —PatSoberanis Pages that need to be merged into Job Resources:

Pages that need work:

  • Job Resources: Needs reformatting to list/outline template, with little or no description for each organization. Descriptions of services will go on individual organization pages. If no organization page exists, please create one. If one exists, please expand description if necessary.

Changes to make to Internships and Fellowships:

  • Convert to a list of links - move content to each page that's linked (e.g. to the Dept of Conservation page under an Internships section)

Local Orgs and Services

The Local Services & Organizations page can be seriously improved.

  • Change Services section of Local page to list only categories of pages, like the Business Directory
  • Consider splitting the page into a Local Orgs page and a Local Services and Resources page? The two would link to each other, of course.


Improve our style guide

Work on the style guide. See especially the Style Guide Talk page to see how we're thinking of changing/improving the style guide.

Other miscellaneous things to do


2011-10-17 17:03:41   I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this, but here goes . . . I added to and cleaned up both the Grief Counseling & Support Groups and Counseling Services pages. I know there are lots of therapists who provide grief counseling (myself included) but there is really no way to know if everyone listed on the Counseling Services page would be relevant for the Grief Counseling & Support Groups page without contacting them directly; not to mention that would make the pages redundant. As such, I've elected not to include the Bereavement Network Resources, Mercy San Juan Bereavement Group, UC Davis Hospice Support Group, or the Widowed Persons Association of California listings on the Counseling Services page since there is a reference at the bottom which directs readers to the Support Groups and Grief Counseling & Support Groups pages. If I've made any errors in editing these pages, please forgive my ignorance as I am new to the Wiki and still learning! I hope this helps!! —JulieJorgenson