The Great Morgani aka Frank Lima There is a lot to write about in Santa Cruz. From travel books to narrative fiction set in the area, this is a list of books written about Santa Cruz and Santa Cruzans. For a list of writers who live in the area, but who have written books about other topics, see Local Writers.

Biographies & Autobiographies

* Chinatown Dreams: The Life and Photographs of George Lee by James D Houston, Geoffrey Dunn, Sandy Lydon, Morton Marcus, Lisa Liu Grady, Tony Hill, Mark Stuart Ong, George Ow, Jr. * First There Is A Mountain: A Yoga Romance by Elizabeth Kadetsky * The Great Morgani: The Creative Madness of a Middle-Aged Stock Broker Turned Street Musician by Frank Lima * Mama's Memoirs: Growing Up in the Santa Cruz Mountains by Margaret Louise Rapp Tarquinio * My Father Talked To Trees by Wilma Erlandson * William Everson: The Shaman's Call by Steven Herrmann


* A Gathering of Voices The Native Peoples of the Central California Coast - Santa Cruz by Linda Yamane * A Howling Wilderness: A History of the Summit Road Area by Stephen M. Payne * A Legal History of Santa Cruz County by Robert E. Bosso * A Trip Through Time and the Santa Cruz Mountains by Billie J. & Reece C. Jensen * Blossoms Into Gold: The Croatians in the Pajaro Valley by Donna F. Mekis and Kathryn Mekis Miller * California Redwood Park by Arthur A. Taylor * The Cambodia Strike of May 1970 At the University of California Santa Cruz Author unknown * Chinese Gold: The Chinese in the Monterey Bay Region by Sandy Lydon * Durham's Place-Names of California's Central Coast by David L. Durham * Ghost Towns of the Santa Cruz Mountains by John V. Young * Grand and Ancient Forest: The Story of Andrew P. Hill and Big Baisn Redwood State Park by Carolyn de Vries * Hate Crimes: A Bibliography (Contemporary Social Issues (Santa Cruz, Calif.), No. 66.) by Joan Nordquist * Highway 17: The Road to Santa Cruz by Richard Beal * History of Santa Cruz County, California by E. S. Harrison * In the Ocean Wind;: The Santa Cruz North Coast by Cynthia Wayburn * La Nostra Costa (Our Coast) by Ivano Franco Comelli * Late Harvest : Wine History of the Santa Cruz Mountains by Michael Holland * Lighthouse Point: Illuminating Santa Cruz (Topics in Monterey Bay History) by Frank A. Perry * Like Modern Edens: Winegrowing in Santa Clara Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains 1798-1981 by Charles L Sullivan * Living and Loving: Santa Cruz in the Fifties by Daisy Rose Gandolfi * Miguel and the Pirates;: A tale of Mission Santa Cruz (Mission Tales) by Helen M. Roberts * Mission Santa Cruz (The Missions of California) by Kim Ostrow * Monterey Bay Yesterday by Betty Lewis * The Ohlone by Barbara A. Gray-Kanatiiosh * Ohlone Way by Malcolm Margolin * Pogonip: Jewel of Santa Cruz by Joan Gilbert Martin and Colleen McInerney-Meagher * Rings in the Redwoods: The Story of Mount Hermon by Kay Gudnason * Sacrifice Unto Me: The 21 Santa Cruz Murders by Don West * The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: A Century by the Sea by Santa Cruz Seaside Company * Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: The Early Years - Never a Dull Moment by Chandra Moira Beal * Santa Cruz, California (Images of America) by Sheila O'Hare and Irene Berry * Santa Cruz Coast (Then and Now) by Gary B. Griggs and Deepika Shrestha Ross * Santa Cruz County: A Century by The Staff of the Santa Cruz Sentinel * Santa Cruz County: Parade of the Past by Margaret Koch * Santa Cruz County Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary by Donald Thomas Clark * Santa Cruz County: Restless Paradise : An Illustrated History by Jennie Dennis Verardo and Denzil Verardo * Santa Cruz, Exciting Early History of an Era by Margaret Koch * Santa Cruz Historic Building Survey by Charles Hall Page & Associates * Santa Cruz Is in the Heart: Selected Writings on Local History, Culture, Politics & Ghosts by Geoffrey Dunn * Santa Cruz Spirituality by Paul Tutwiler * The Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture by John Chase * The Snake That Lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains & Other Ohlone Stories by Linda Yamane * Soquel Landing to Capitola-By-the-Sea by Sandy Lydon and Carolyn Swift * The Walk Around Santa Cruz Book: A look at the City's Architectural Treasures by Margaret Koch * They Called It Home: Santa Cruz, California by Margaret Koch * Surf, Sand & Streetcars: A Mobile History of Santa Cruz, California by Charles S. McCaleb * Surfing in Santa Cruz Images of America) by Thomas Hickenbottom * Watsonville: Memories That Linger by Betty Lewis

Photo/Art Books

* Big Basin (Book) by Denzil Verardo and Alexander Lowry * Big Sur to Big Basin: California's Dramatic Central Coast Photographs by Larry Ulrich, Text by Pamela Verduin Cain * Castle Rock: West of Skyline by Alexander Lowry * The Grand Vision: A Journey Through Big Basin Redwoods State Park published by the Mountain Parks Foundation * Sand Between Your Toes: A Watercolor Journey Through Santa Cruz County by Sally Bookman * Santa Cruz: Visions of Surf City by Patrick Trefz * Twelve Days at Santa Cruz Photos of Santa Cruz by students in a workshop led by Ansel Adams

Nature Guides

* Animals of the Santa Cruz Mountains by Robert W. Piwarzyk * Coastal County Plants from Santa Cruz to Mendocino by George I. Pikkarainen * Flora of the Santa Cruz Mountains by John Hunter Thomas * Fossil Invertebrates of the Marine Cliffs at Capitola, California by Frank A. Perry * Fossils of Santa Cruz County by Frank A. Perry * The Natural History of the UC Santa Cruz Campus Edited by Sheridan F. Warrick * Plants of Big Basin Redwoods State Park by Mary Beth Cooney-Lazaneo, Kathleen Lyons, and photography by Howard King * Plants of the San Francisco Bay Region: Mendocino to Monterey by Eugene N. Kozloff and Linda H. Beidleman * Trailside Plants of Ano Nuevo by Karen De Lapp * Watching the Watsonville Wetlands by Jerry Busch

Travel & Local Recreation

* Backroads & Hiking Trails, Santa Cruz Mountains by Jerry Schad * The Bay Area RidgeTrail: Ridgetop Adventures Above San Francisco Bay by Jean Rusmore * Coast and Valley Towns of Early California, Number 5: Santa Cruz by George Tays * Combing The Coast, San Francisco To Santa Cruz by Ruth A. Jackson * Explore...The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park by Jeff Thomson * Local Girl Makes History by Dana Frank * The Monterey Bay Shoreline Guide by Jerry Emory, Photography by Frank Balthis * Monterey Bay Trails by David Weintraub * Mountain Biking Santa Cruz by David & Allison Diller * Polk's 1981 Watsonville (Santa Cruz County, CA.) City Directory by NA * Ranch del Oso Trails by Hulda Hoover McLean * Santa Cruz: A Guide for Runners, Joggers, and Serious Walkers by Eileen Brown and Steven Bignell * The Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Book by Tom Taber * Walking the Central California Coast: A Day Hiker's Guide by John McKinney

Fiction Set Locally

* A Killer Festival: A Capitola Mystery by Mysty W. Moonfree * Backyard Bones by Nancy Lynn Jarvis * The Death Contingency by Nancy Lynn Jarvis * Death's Other Kingdom: A mystery of the Santa Cruz Mountains by Susan Retten * The Jewel Box: A Capitola Mystery by Mysty W. Moonfree * Killer Code by John U. Walker * The Mental Traveler by Stephen Kessler * One Tough Cookie by Vinnie Hansen * The Santa Cruz Guru Murders: A Mystery by Marc Darrow * Star Witness by Lia Matera * Surferhunter: A Nick And Sarah Mystery by James Henry Littlefield * Ups And Downs by Brad McClure

Poems Featuring The Area

* The Santa Cruz Mountain Poems by Morton Marcus


* Crayon Soup: A Parents Guide To Child Friendly Dining In Santa Cruz County by Kimber L. Styles-Ashley and Michael P. Ashley * Whole Earth Cookbook by Sharon Cadwaller, and Judi Ohr


* The Leftmost City: Power and Progressive Politics in Santa Cruz by Richard Gendron and G. William Domhoff * The Rise and Demise of the UC Santa Cruz Colleges (Clark Kerr Memoirs Project) by Carlos G. Norena

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