There are several interesting tunnels downtown.

Train Tunnel

Beneath Mission Street, with access to Chestnut Street. It was built in 1880  as a train tunnel and is the oldest tunnel still in use in Santa Cruz County. As the tracks follow Chestnut Street, the track turn slightly and go under Mission Street. These track eventually lead to Roaring Camp Railroads. As long as the track are in use the tunnel will be in use. It is necessary to have a fence to prevent people from using the narrow tunnel for shelter. The fence has to be opened and shut for every train passage.

Front Street Tunnel

From the movie Sudden Impact, the bad guy enters the Pacific Avenue side of the tunnel. From the movie Sudden Impact, Harry Calahan gives chase. You can see Pacific Avenue. From the movie Sudden Impact, Bad guy exits on Front Street

Front Street Tunnel. Photo 2011. Beneath the Palomar Inn and near the rear of 1330 Pacific Avenue (the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company), the back door of the business leads to a tunnel that extends to Front Street. This area of businesses is known as the Palomar Arcade. Originally the tunnel extended through to Pacific Avenue. After the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 new construction made part of the tunnel a place of business. The tunnel was used in the films Tilt and later Sudden Impact. In the film Sudden Impact the bad guy (played by John Nowak) runs into the tunnel and Harry Calahan (played by Clint Eastwood) chases him. This was one of the few credited roles for John Nowak. He normally was a stunt man. Eleven years later, he was the stunt double for Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Generations. 

Cooper House Tunnel

The Cooper House has a tunnel from Pacific Avenue to Abbott Square. This was made specific to the new construction of the Cooper House after 1989.

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