Walnut Avenue in Santa Cruz runs East-West from Escalona Drive on the West Side to Pacific Avenue in the downtown. Walnut Avenue is one way going west from Pacific Avenue to Cedar Street.

There is a West Walnut Street in Soquel.

The one way block of Walnut Ave between Cedar and Pacific.

Huge trees shade the street in the summer.


Thanks to its relatively low level of traffic, Walnut Avenue is fairly bike-friendly. It has designated bike lanes (shared by parked cars) in the downtown section. Watch out for the sloped and curved section between Lincoln Street and Rincon Street - visibility isn't great, and drivers are often confused as to where to go.

Public Transportation

There are usually three bus routes that include Walnut Avenue. As of 2010 they are; Route 13, Route 40 and Route 41.




Parts of Walnut Avenue are residential. Photo by John Pilge: 2010

Businesses & Services

Departed Businesses

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