Molly Sundstrom is an ASUCD senator who ran successfully under the Student Focus slate in the Winter 2007 ASUCD Election. She previously served on the ASUCD Business and Finance Commission. Molly Sundstrom was a candidate in the Winter 2006 ASUCD Election, but she dropped out of the running on January 29, due to personal reasons. She is now a member of the GO slate.

She is Vice President of public relations for her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, and an active member of the ASUCD Business and Finance Commission. She is also an Intern for the City of Davis and Congressman Mike Thompson. She was an intern for the Arnold Schwarzenegger reelection campaign in fall of 2006.

Commissioner Sundstrom was quoted in Jan. 2006 in the Aggie commenting on aspects of the Fall 2005 ASUCD Election/Unqualified Candidates Scandal.

Molly now reads the Aggie every day (and thoroughly misses Lamar's column on Tuesdays).

Sundstrom is one of the 2008-2009 Student Assistants to the Chancellor.