Let's gentrify like it's going out of style. Sidewalk bomb appeared 2007 in the Mission District.

Gentrification is when a low-cost, deteriorated neighborhood undergoes a physical change and turns into an upper-class, high-society area. It leads to higher property values and displaces previous residents who can no longer afford to live in their old neighborhood.

  • In the late nineties there was a Mission Yuppy Eradication Project.
  • The new wave of gentrification in the late 2000's is driven by a combination of a roaring tech economy, the popularity of tech buses (Google Bus) enabling smooth commutes to Silicon Valley and a flood of foreign cash is making this gentrification even more extreme than those of the past.
    • Real Estate Expert says China Cash is driving soaring SF House Prices (CBS)

Sidewalk art

Gentrification: Even better than cocaine. Seen around the Mission, 2008.

Other photos

A newspaper, hung in Muddy Waters, talks about an older wave of gentrification in the 90s.

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