General Lists:

  • Neighborland,Nextdoor, and JustMyNeighbors are hyperlocal social networks
  • Neighborhood Councils/Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council. Here. (last updated 2009, all working links have been added to the list below)
  • Oakland Local has a list of community groups with neighborhoods mixed in. I have added in all that are working links that aren't just addresses/phone numbers, as well as from articles on OL.
  • List of neighborhood "support groups" for local parks. Not clear where it came from, no links.
  • Neighborhood Public Safety Groups: Please note that neighborhoods across Oakland are broken up into community policing beats that are generally a number followed by the letter x or y. These groups generally meet once a month and thru funds by Measure Y are staffed by a neighborhood services coordinator and a problem-solving officer. To find the meeting time and location of your neighborhood crime prevent council (NCPC) check out this site:

Specific Neighborhoods:

This page is created from OaklandWiki's Neighborhoods page. some neighborhoods may seem arbitrary and/or redundant and/or confusing. If you're not sure where you live, start here first.

*note: Only Yahoo! Groups and websites that are still active are included. There are lots more that are defunct. No groups that are just personal email addresses or physical addresses with no other information are included. If you change this, please delete this note and/or put some further info on the link.