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Are Community Colleges Failing our Veterans?

Currently thousands of veterans in the Eastbay are going back to school to obtain the work skills needed in today’s job market.  The Veterans Administration is providing the tuition costs through the Veterans Returning Assistance Program (VRAP).  Many of these vets have selected their local community college to advance their skill level.  Unfortunately, the community colleges have not been providing vets the adequate support services to ensure their academic success. 

Many vets are returning to school after 10, 20, and sometimes 30 year absence.  For those without preparation, navigating the college system can be intimidating and tricky, resulting in dropped and failed classes.  Our veterans need available to them services similar to those received by other student populations with barriers, such as the disabled and English language learners.  If vets do not succeed academically, what are their chances in moving on to obtain employment?  And if they are not obtaining employment, the VRAP will wind up as another government funded program with good intentions but bad execution.  It will also reflect poorly on our community college system which is the main beneficiary of these government dollars.